Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo Detox & Cleanse

Garcinia Cambogia & Detox Combo Detox & Cleanse

  • Burns Fat
  • Detoxifies Your Body
  • Improves Overall Health




Garcinia Cambogia helps weight loss naturally and safely, in several ways.

The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in Garcinia Cambogia prevents the enzyme citrate lyase from converting carbohydrate to fat so less fat is stored; it also breaks carbohydrate down into glycogen, a form of glucose to keep your energy levels up. Glycogen also keeps hunger hormones at bay and acts as an appetite suppressant, and the rise in your serotonin will reduce stress eating and lift your mood. With Garcinia Cambogia you’ll feel active right through the day with no mid-afternoon slump.

Not only that, the added raspberry ketone is believed to increase adiponectin, a type of protein hormone which helps to regulate your metabolism so there’s another boost to your weight loss!

In the meantime, Detox Pure is busy removing impurities and waste matter. It’s full of natural ingredients loaded with antioxidants, amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals to help your body flush away toxins, boost your energy, and support your weight loss. Kelp and chlorella encourage a healthy metabolism which is essential to successful weight loss, while acai berry and spirulina are rich in fibre to help you feel fuller for longer and keep hunger pangs at bay.