Fitbit ‘Alta’ Wireless Žingsniamatis


Fitbit ‘Alta’ Wireless Žingsniamatis

A sleek, sporty tracker motivates you to achieve your fitness goals by calculating distance, activity time, calories burned and steps taken throughout the day and features a low-profile display to indicate your real-time progress. The Alta wirelessly syncs your stats to your computer or smartphone, then measures hours and quality of sleep before silently waking you with a vibrating alarm in the morning. Automatic exercise recognition logs your workouts even if you forget and timely reminders help you meet your goals every hour of every day. The included mobile app lets you track your food intake, graph your progress and watch for important trends across time, helping you achieve your training, sleep and fitness goals. The band display syncs with your smartphone to display caller ID and text messages. Style Name:Fitbit ‘Alta’ Wireless Fitness Tracker. Style Number: 5135720. Available in stores. Fitbit ‘Alta’ Wireless Žingsniamatis


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